The primary objectives of this intervention were to use the new urban park as a catalyst for a wider urban renewal, providing a strong identity and unique character to the entire area. The aim was to introduce an area of social magnetism to the centre of the town of Nicastro, establishing a process of re-appropriation for the people living in the area. The general criteria that guided the design choices stemmed from an awareness of the complex nature of the local physical and social environment. In addition, the clarity of specific objectives were also paramount; physical and perceptual accessibility; linking and allocating areas of differing function; and recovery of the "language" of an agricultural landscape; the recovery of valuable existing buildings; the commissioning of security; the abatement or mitigation of negative influences on these existing elements; the containment of exotic invasive vegetation; and the reintroduction of indigenous vegetation.



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  •    Project role:

    Landscape designer

  •    Team members:

    Giancarlo Fantilli

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