The concept involves the design of dwellings made from recycled shipping containers. Re-tasked as family homes; the new units are both extremely durable and 'eco-friendly', the existing construction being considerably cheaper to convert than building by conventional means, the pre-fabricated modules being easily transported by truck. The concept is inspired by contemporary ship design, constructing the whole from pre-assembled base modules: 1. a kitchen, 2. a living space, 3. toilets and 4. a bedroom. The home can be enlarged and grow in-line with a family’s changing needs, adding units and specific accessories depending on their circumstance. Construction of dwellings using this system, in most circumstances, realises an average cost saving of 30% when compared to a similar size constructions completed with traditional systems or concrete construction. The cost of insulation in the casting stage of construction is very much more economical with a more efficient application of an outer coat, rather than the execution of a false wall with insulation in the cavity, with the added benefit of a reduced wall section.



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