Considering the morphology of the area, its orography and indigenous vegetation, the project aims to re-organise the landscape (integrating architecture, street furniture, roads, new planting systems) transforming approximately 7,7 hectares out of a total of 31. The remainder of the site assigned as a Protected Natural Area for the management of habitats and species. The project identifies four main classes of site management, corresponding to areas with differing gradients of naturalness and use:

  • 1. Areas of integrated recreational and service facilities
  • 2. Botanical Garden multi-purpose
  • 3. Filter strips
  • 4. Protected natural area for the management of habitats and species, dedicated to the protection of the existing ecological environment, natural resources and vegetation. This area is designated exclusively for scientific research purposes.


    •    Client:

      FAO Office

    •    Project role:

      Landscape design

    •    Team members:

      Giancarlo Fantilli

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