The overall scheme for the exhibition space was to reverse the flow of inputs and outputs for the museums visitors, redefining the natural layout of the internal spaces. Use of colour, theatrical scenes and music recreate the environment and atmosphere of the times, each room exhibiting a separate character. The orange tape running throughout is a constant and structural element which frames each room, whilst also functioning as a bench, path or display case, helping the visitor navigate the halls. The grey blue floor acts as a unifying element and represents the urban side-walk or gloomy asphalt so often depicted in Hopper's landscapes. The perspectives and views throughout the exhibition have been created with theatricality in mind, stark light and shadow intended to mirror. Hopper's words and thoughts can be found at various intervals, lending insight into his experiences and motives.



  •    Client:

    Fondazione Roma

  •    Project role:


  •    Team members:

    M.C. Sorvillo