The plot, the object of a competition, is a strip of land which is characterised by the presence of a water course. The Ribera del Marco runs between the immense expanse of agricultural land to the west of the city of Caceres. The river has historically influenced the direction of growth for the city, it was therefore instinctive, subject to the imposition of nature to incorporate the watercourse and make it the main idea behind the concept and design. Like the course of a river, the project can be distinguished by its various tributaries, differing dimensions and speeds, overlapping, mixing and creating eddies and loops, likewise the design intersects different areas creating new intersections and functions. The design has tried to foster the features of living sys­tems to create 'social' environments, pursuing the goal of providing multiple housing in small clusters whose occupants can feel the benefit of mini-communities, while being linked by their proximity to public spaces, those spaces seemingly part of their private worlds.



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    Arch. F.Contuzzi