The project is situated along one of the best known streets of Rome from the early 20th century. The space which exhibits many features of character from this era, tries to combine the elements of modernity with the understated atmosphere of an inviting domestic interior. The scheme makes use of the existing architectural elements, breaking the space into two different environments; a raised platform and counter are re-purposed as a bar area serving the famed Italian 'Aperitivo', a social table for cocktails and informal dinners. Screens create a number of more discreet areas, making space for tables and a more formal experience. Few materials are utilized, industrial parquet and black slate on the ground, polished paint on the walls, and solid wood for the bar counter. The use of lighting differentiates and breaks the space creating a welcoming and cosy atmosphere. A large graphic representation of a Mediterranean olive tree twisted by the wind is split into panels at one end of the restaurant, and by contrast on the opposite wall, an inlaid slate commemorates the letters and symbolism of ancient Roman art.



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    Giovanni Pogliani

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