This project was tasked with designing an intervention in the area between the port and the city, developing an urban complex which connected separated parts of the sea front. The goal was to tie the Port of Naples long perimeter to the city centre by transforming the 'margin', making it permeable and therefore allowing interaction between the functional centres of the port and urban resources, inclusive of the major sites of the city.

The 'margin' reorganizes the flow of mobility between the urban landscape and harbours; introducing walkways and trails between city and port; it rationalizes port entrances, and includes a new commercial district with underground parking facilities, transforming the border port into a great asset to the city.

The 'margin' line extends from Marinella Park to the public gardens in front of the Royal Palace, integrating the area through a linear system of public green areas equipped with pedestrian trails and cycle paths, very much in the style of a 'promenade paysagée'. The 'margin' line utilizes a complex system of variable sections, creating many interesting perspectives from multiple vantage points. At night, it becomes a focal point of luminance, a new contemporary icon for the city of Naples.



  •    Client:

    Naples Port Authority

  •    Project role:

    Landscape design

  •    Team members:

    Giancarlo Fantilli

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