The resort we have been asked to design is in Maruggio, a small town in the district of Taranto, Italy. Maruggio belongs to Salento, a region known for its superb climate, excellent food, wine, and significant cultural and historic heritage. The site has a beautiful view of the sea and surrounding countryside, which make it an extremely attractive site for a tourist led development. The site has been divided into various zones, each with its own specific purpose, the unique topography of the site being fully utilized to create areas with a different feel and personality. The area to the west, nearest to Campomarino, includes a hotel, apartments and leisure centre; the area to the east is populated by private villas and parkland. To the south west of the site, on the developments border, is a Unesco protected nature reserve, the area consisting of rolling sand dunes and indigenous herbs. The construction is heavily influenced by the traditional architecture of historic Puglia, utilizing local material such as Limestone or (Tufo) stone.



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