The Enoteca project is located in the heart of Rome, an exceptional urban environment inside the walls of the historic Palazzo Valentini, just in front of the apse that houses the Column of Trajan. The project therefore seeks to integrate sympathetically through creating a unified image in a minimalist setting, without sacrificing the strength of clear and concise idea. Few materials, and a narrow range of colours, tending to be grades of 'black and white' - slabs of slate green brasil floor, slated walls, beige polished glaze on the walls and ceiling, anthracite tables and chairs - aided by a graduated system of warm lighting tones, creating the atmosphere of a welcoming living space. By contrast, an integrated system of fixed furniture runs along the lateral perimeter and are patterned in the semblance of a bar code, the solid oak elements performing multiple functions, seating, bar counter, or exhibition display, unifying the various local environments.



  •    Client:

    Rome Province

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  •    Team members:

    Giovanni Pogliani

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