IGBC Sustainable conference - Belgrade


The Green H LLP was invited by ECOIST to lecturer on the differences between the BREEAM and LEED certification systems.

ECOIST (Serbia) is a civil society organization that uses innovative and holistic approaches to provide synergistic solutions that can efficiently develop the region of South East Europe towards more sustainable future. The organization was created with the mission to support the public in becoming more engaged in the decision making processes that affect their communities, to generate a more responsive scientific and technological involvement and, last but not least, to work with the political sector on changing and adopting new policies that uphold sustainable principles and practices. ECOIST is a local partner of ECOWEEK, ECOIST aims for improvements of environmental, social, cultural and economic well-being of Serbia and the region, through a variety of activity, including conferences, forums, lectures, mentoring activities, publishing policy papers, guidelines, training, educational and promotional activities.